Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aksi Dewi Persik Mampu Kalahkan Bintang Porno...

What is interesting is that if we compare horror movie starring porn star sex abroad with Indonesian movie star. There has never been a movie starring porn actresses abroad exceeded one million viewers. Because the type of horror movie sex market, acting in a movie Rope Dewi Persik Pocong Virgin has not wavered.

Through the film, released in 2008, Dewi Persik grabbed 1.5 million viewers and was followed TamaraBlezynsky acting in the film that grossed Bride Waterfall 1.4 million spectators in 2009.

For the year 2010, Dewi Persik released two movies that smelled of sex in movies Tiran (Dead in Bed) and See Can Never Hold. And the two films that broke the 400 thousand spectators.

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